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Abandoned hideout, enraged golems Screen

By Darksword

Darksword Level 230 Scania Blade Master
Apr 03 2010 Doesn't it look like they are over reacting? Of course it was their feelings, but its the doll making them that angry and weak.
The Hideout of the puppeteer, it looks like a trap for the golems.
Part of Evan's Storyline.

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i tried to get into this place but i dont know how
Dec 29 2010
It would be so awesome if there were to be a huge golem boss like that one in the back. Seems fitting since there are so many types of Golem monsters alraedy.
Dec 29 2010
That would be epic^

Besides, I think it'd be cool to have an area boss for the golems.
Dec 29 2010
^ I got the same idea.
Its like a ruin area and you drop a stone or relic. Than the pieces rumble a bit and theres this blueish light that makes the golem boss appear. You have to destory his arms, legs and feets. and than he is stunned but can still use Magic attack. After that you destroy him you could get golem gauntlets that have like 3 Weapon ATT and you have to be level 50 or Level 70 to enter the run.
Dec 29 2010
it's also part of the hayato one now
Apr 02 2013

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