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GekkeGerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
So, did anybody see them yet ? On what monsters do they appear ?
Posted: June 2014 Permalink


Nizbaa Level 182 Kradia Paladin
They should appear on all maps [i]I think[/i]. I've fought the Elite Monsters and the final boss after them. The boss gives a bonus stage afterward and there's good drops from it. I got 10% clean slates and other good stuff.
Jun 26 2014
shuki44 Level 178 Reboot Mercedes 4
I saw a couple doing the Colossus questline in Leafre.

They dropped a couple of potions and an armour or two, and give extra exp.
Jun 26 2014
Ishka Level 211 Arcania Xenon 4 Solus Guild
I've killed around 5 or 6 elite mobs and one boss within an hour of being at golems. didn't get anything too interesting. a few epic items, a cube shard. that's about it.
Jun 26 2014
GekkeGerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
So tehy appear on all maps ? What is the best map for my 99 f/p mage to find those Elites ?
Jun 26 2014
Cloudshadowv Level 148 Renegades Cannoneer 4
I found an elite on the Mutant Pig map and it proceeded to completely own me. I couldn't kill it because it kept one shotting me x_x
Jun 26 2014

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