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About the Mergoth Soul from Tot's

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bobjon Level 188 Windia Xenon 4
Haven't played in years, trying to get back into the swing of things.

Got a Mergoth Soul from Tot's know how. Kinda confused. Does it just add the 10atk at full, or is there an actual skill attached? Thanks.
Posted: November 2015 Permalink


edatron Level 220 Kradia Kaiser 4
Tot's know how doesnt give you Murgoth souls. You probably got it as a welcome back gift, since you say you haven't played in years.

When you apply the boss soul to a weapon, it gives you whatever effect is listed on the soul. In this case, it gives your weapon an additional 10 att, whether the gauge is full or not. Aside from giving you the effect, it also gives you a 'boss skill' (it could be an additional buff skill or an attack skill).

Aside from all that, filling up the gauge also gives you additional attack, depending on what tier Boss Soul you equip on your weapon.
Nov 10 2015
youonlyliveonce Level 69 Windia Legend
You didn't get any welcome back gifts because I quit for more than 2 years and got nothing.
Nov 10 2015
grawp77 Level 219 Khaini I/L Arch Mage
murgoth soul doesnt give +10 att doe (it gives +6)
you probabilly got something else
Nov 10 2015

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