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natty2 Level 225 Broa Bishop Nimbus Guild See what games, anime & art natty2 is intonatty2

You hit 65m! you hit 70m! you hit 75m! WHOA~!

Bad news:
Welcome to the dark age of bossing, my fellow bishops;
Heaven's Door: a short cast action has been added, party members will now no longer be able to receive the effects of Heaven's Door again until 600 seconds have passed, an error where occasionally the buff would not be received and the cooldown would not apply has been fixed.

In short: Yes, we'll still be able to recast it every 3 minutes, but party members will recieve the buff only if it's been 10 minutes since they last recieved it.
In an average run, we'll be able to recast it once, or twice.

Better make it count.

In certain boss content with Death Counts, when you have remaining Death Count, you will now resurrect automatically after 30 seconds. You can revive manually like normal but after 30 seconds, you will be automatically resurrected after a 5 second delay. It will apply to:

Normal Cygnus
Chaos Zakum, Chaos Pierre, Chaos Von Bon, Chaos Bloody Queen, Chaos Vellum
Normal/Hard Suu, Normal/Hard Damien.

Also, Falling rocks will no longer be created after Von Bon's death.

AAAAAAANNNNDDDD Lotus' and Damiens's Normal mode daily entry limit of 1 has been removed, you can now re-enter after 30 minutes.
A storage NPC will be added to the Fallen World Tree's Abandoned Camp map.

And some other events nobody cares about, and some classes are being ignored completely.

I wonder if they are going to unite the patch with the one that came a week later:

(These two patches came 8 days appart from eachother)
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sweetbanana Level 226 Renegades I/L Arch Mage
@natty2: "Bishops are currently dominating every aspect of bossing."

I'm curious of where you got this from, and I can see how your theory would work, but can you show evidence/video about it if they are clearly dominating 'every aspect' of bossing(Not doubting you, but I would prefer to see them in practice).

Now, the problem lies with this...

"More lines, more damage per line, and better attack speed."

The problem with this sentence is the way you commented implicitly focuses on one skill(I assume it's the main attacking skill of respective Explorer mages aka AR, Paralyze, and CL), and discounting the other 2 Explorer mages possible skills. Now, I do not know the F/P's side of things but, as an I/L, there is more skills to consider than just one.

A couple of factors you need to consider from our side:
- There are 2 summons(Thunderstorm and Elquines)
- Blizzard Procs during CD on Blizzard
- Frozen Orb(On 'certain' occasions)
- Lightning Orb(It's not Pre-Reboot era anymore, so spamming only Chain Lightning is now plain silly HPS-wise)

In my opinion, I do not believe it is as clear cut as you might think. Some bosses may favour one over the other, depending on the environment, so I prefer a analysis on a one-by-one case on every boss alongside with putting it to practice.

NOW! Onto the topic at hand~

Looking forward for this patch *Infinity, tasty~*! Explorer mages unite!
Also, +5mil damage cap passive
Aug 16 2016
moelesterson Level 214 Windia Kaiser 4
+1 @littletlk: While I don't disagree with you on the BaM part, Kaiser has been really well balanced over the last few patches.
we have amazing skill set, utility, mobility and playstyle.
Tho kaiser lost one wingbeat and a few other things.. in return they gained a huge buff in damage per hit which since we are still in the top end of the dps charts is great and in the long run when the dmg cap is increased drastically even the top funded kaisers will be thankful for!
Again i totally agree with the BaM stuff... its kinda strange how a class with such a unique play style can be so unloved by its creators.
Aug 16 2016
ak44 Level 206 Reboot Mechanic 4 See what games, anime & art ak44 is intoak44
Shadowers get more awesome!

Less lag when killing quest mobs!
Aug 16 2016
ecarina Level 245 Galicia Cannoneer 4
I'm just excited for the cast action on MW to be removed. That thing takes forever to cast right now.

Also that new Cannoneer skill has a hilariously bad name but a cool-looking animation and I don't really understand what they're doing to the anchor since I never use it.
Aug 16 2016
sammi Level 212 Scania Evan 10th Growth
Kind of wish they changed Demon Slash animation like Aran (I think Aran's have it too?) and Shade; one click for the 3x hit animation.
Aug 16 2016
locust Level 202 Windia Bishop Locust Guild
sooo infinity increases our damage cap? :o so op haha
Aug 17 2016
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