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Accidently left maplestory open at work, anyway to logout?

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blanezzz Level 41 Bera Assassin
Soo i accidently left my maplestory open at my work, is there anyway to log in on my home computer now? It just keep saying that "id is already logged in", can i somehow logout from my work computer?
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blanezzz Level 41 Bera Assassin
During lunch break i just checked auction house..
Dec 04 2017
snowed Level 223 Windia Xenon 4 See what games, anime & art snowed is intoLily
+1 @beefly: this. I'd die of embarrassment. Closet nerd here, and I'd like to keep it that way.
Where I'm currently having my intern, you'd only ever see people either using the computer to work on their thesis or to look up the patient's profile. They'd probably alert my uni if they ever saw me on my phone, let alone open up Maplestory.
Dec 06 2017
aarbearr Level 166 Renegades Hayato 4
I'd love to play at work, however I have to work on their computers with slow internet and thousands of blocks. Corporate fun.
Dec 07 2017
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