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Guilty Crown

Shu ouma, a shy student, lives in Tokyo in the year 2039, ten years after the breakout of an apocalyptic virus, which began on the "Lost Christmas" of 2029". Shu discovers an injured girl, who was being hunted down and captured, but before she is captured, she gives him a robot to return to her terrorist group, known as Funeral Parlor. He finds a container in the robot, and holds onto it.

During a battle to save the girl, the container is broken, and Shu absorbs its insides known as the "Void Genome". He discovers that he can now reach into people's hearts, and pull out their "voids", which is a weapon or tool that describes ones personality. Shu struggles through the anime to uncover the forgotten secrets of his past while choosing his side in the "war".

Recommended if you enjoy

  • Good fighting scenes
  • Internal and external conflicts
  • Small romance
  • Amazing music
  • "Scientific" Anime
  • Semi-realistic Anime
  • Well voiced English dub

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