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Mhn96 Level 203 Scania Blade Master
Hi guys,

I was just sitting thinking about what i do on maple all day, anyone wanna share what they do? Training, questing, bossing? Anything? Let's see the different types of maplers!
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Mrtommo249 Level 43 Windia Kaiser 2
Trying to think how I am gonna get funded even though that is not gonna happen XD
Jul 24 2014
AppleDestroyer Level 205 Broa Corsair
i log in, not realizing im at sh, lag and die. then i log off.
Jul 24 2014
Kaneusta Level 201 Scania Xenon 4
Now a days, I log in, do attendance, and log off.
Jul 24 2014
Right now i decided to start making MS videos to try and get some drive to be better at the game
Andddd i just signed up for basil since i figured finding a community would help that drive!
And yes this was a shameless plug so guys, check out my channel<3
1 video already out and another one processing! Just youtube ComplexyMS if you're interested!
Jul 24 2014
fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
Talk to guildies
Dimension Invasion
Zakum and Chaos Zakum for fun
One Card

And then sometimes get on my other characters and go to R&J or MPE cause they're all around those levels.
Jul 24 2014
Ackroszx Level 163 Scania Zero Transcendent
I log in. I swag in. I swag out. I log out.
Jul 24 2014
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