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Aexuz Lvl 200 Dark Knight Scania. Video

By markadot 200AexuzChaos ZakumDark KnightLevel 200Speed Run

Aug 23 2011 Aexuz, Strongest DrK in Scania's dmg with a PSB and also Classroom guild speedrun with 6 attackers! Enjoy ^__^

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DuoDuex12 Level 95 Chaos I/L Mage
300k with rush. epic
Aug 25 2011
Iamboobear Level 200 Scania Aran 4
how come the skills at the top left were constantly blinking but never went away? [/quote]

Echo is glitched so it never runs out and continuously blinks for anyone who uses it. The other one I'm not sure of.
Aug 25 2011
nice vid and grats on 2oo i love the opening and choice of music. However, i highly doubt ur the strongest dk though. you do as much dmg as i do with over swing and im not even close to the strongest aran in my world let alone in all the servers (not factoring dps or w.e just based on numbers). It's either drks are that weak compared to arans or your lying =/
Aug 25 2011

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