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After 5 years, are any of these still rare/worth anything?

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eirhart Level 50 Galicia Wind Archer 2
Hihi, old player here. Last I played was around 4-5 years ago, shortly after the GAZED merge. A lot of my stuff went missing, but I still have a bunch of items which were considered to be rare, but I don't know if they are now. Can anyone tell me which ones are worth anything from this list? I've excluded all the stuff I already saw around FM. Price checks are much appreciated too!

Blizzard Set (Male)
Blizzard Set (Female)
Bosshunter Set (Mage)
Spring Flower Corsage Medal
Clover Corsage Medal
Super Stormcaster Gloves
Snail's Eye
Spider Venom Earrings
Shield Earrings
White Baseball Cap
Super Snowboard
Circle of Ancient Thought
Black Tiger Talon
Fruity Bamboo
Sirius Cloak
Zeta Cape
Infinity Circlet
Dark Shards
Dragon Lord Necklace
Antellion Miter
Black Phoenix Shield
Eclipse Earrings
Blue Musketeer Cape
Cloak of Corruption
Beige Umbrella
Lefay Jester
Crescent Moon
Crimson Weapons
Bain Weapons


Dragon Lord Chair
Spirit of the Rock Chair
Carrot Chair
Owl Chair



Sorry if it's a lot, but I appreciate any help!
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arrowby Level 18 Broa I/L Wizard
Nice stuff. There was a return to masteria update 2014 that let you craft all iTCG items in game, so they're all mostly worthless, (maybe worth a few 100m to the unknowing/lazy person) now with the exception of Hard Hat (special battery item is unobtainable) and the upgraded Taru items (still need iTCG spirit feathers). Same goes for raven & crimson weapons.

Bain weapons shouldn't be a lot, balrog pq was opened to lvl 250 recently so anyone can get them, easy but takes time to get all....
Dec 25 2016
eirhart Level 50 Galicia Wind Archer 2
I see. Well that takes a lot off my list. I think I had a Hard Hat but it's one of those things I had that went missing. Oh well =[ Thanks a lot!
Dec 25 2016
siggy Level 193 Zenith Evan 10th Growth
Oh man I have a lot of hard hats on a mule. Nice.
Too bad I don't play other worlds anymore.
Dec 25 2016
caeg Level 241 Windia Corsair Trill Guild See what games, anime & art caeg is intoCaeg
Blizzard Set (Male) 2-3bill
Blizzard Set (Female) 3-4bill
Bosshunter Set (Mage) Worthless
Spring Flower Corsage Medal Not sure for GRAZED I'd assume 5-10bill
Clover Corsage Medal 10bill+
Super Stormcaster Gloves 5bill+
Snail's Eye Doesn't exist in game. If you have it, it's a generated item. Would be 10bill+ if you do have it.
Spider Venom Earrings worthless
Shield Earrings few hundred mill
White Baseball Cap 1-3bill
Super Snowboard 5-7bill
Circle of Ancient Thought 1-2bill
Black Tiger Talon 2bill
Trumpet worthless
Fruity Bamboo 1-2bill
Sirius Cloak worthless
Zeta Cape worthless
Infinity Circlet worthless
Dark Shards worthless
Dragon Lord Necklace 3-4bill
Antellion Miter worthless
Black Phoenix Shield worthless
Eclipse Earrings 1-3bill
Blue Musketeer Cape worthless
Cloak of Corruption worthless
Beige Umbrella 5-10bill
Rednet worthless
Lefay Jester 1-3bill
Crescent Moon worthless
Crimson Weapons 500-1bill? Not sure
Bain Weapons worthless
Dragon Lord Chair 10bill

Here's some Windia prices (excluding the Spring Flower which I'm basing off of other worlds) All iTCG was readded as an exchange quest. I'd be curious to see those snails eye in game though.

@siggy Miners Hat =/= Hard Hat. You had to upgrade the Miners Hat to get a Hard Hat which requires some materials no longer available in game.
Dec 25 2016
eirhart Level 50 Galicia Wind Archer 2
@caeg: This is really appreciated!

Here's an SS of the Snail's Eye for you:

I can't even remember where I got it from. Think it was from MTS long ago. If you still want to see it face to face, you can see my IGN on the SS.
Dec 25 2016
ensoeheart Level 220 Windia Aran 1
The most expensive thing you have is the Snail's Eye. Someone in Windia was looking to buy it for 20bil a while ago.
Dec 25 2016
eirhart Level 50 Galicia Wind Archer 2
Yea if you guys need anything just PM me here or on "Eirheart." I can say that I probably won't be selling anything right away until I get some more offers or a more solid feel of the prices on GRAZED.
Dec 26 2016
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