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After all these server issues and duping

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PinaKoala Level 200 Scania Night Lord Perpetual Guild
I'm realistically thinking here, regardless of what was posted on the Maple Official front page, I personally think they're going to do a roll back. I'm not saying or spreading rumors or anything. Just a personal opinion. If Nexon doesn't, that's fine. If Nexon does, that's fine too. I just think they Should. That's all~

There's too much server instability, complaints, duping issues, hacks, false bans on innocent players, too many hell ban tickets sent, and a horrible start of 2014 for Nexon

Nexon likes to take the easy way out sometimes and the easiest would be to roll back to a reasonable date. It would be unfortunate, but probably the best solution.

If Nexon really did let all the items stay in the FM, many would be happy and many would also disappointed, but the only one at loss here would be Nexon

I guess they did take some type of smart action by disabling store permits / mushies, but it would've been smarter to shut down the servers until a better decision was made. Some players aren't aware of what to do or what's happening lately, so they're wasting time on training or purchasing / selling things in the fm when a probable SC / RB could be coming while Nexon is still doing an investigation on accounts / players

I honestly think Nexon is in a tight bind between rolling back and not rolling back. What do you guys think Nexon should do? Aside from those that are greedy and want to keep all the duped items or complain about selfish needs such as losing levels,2x, scrolling an item legitly, doing quests, etc, what do you really feel would be the BEST solution?
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After all these server issues and duping

67%59 / 87Just RB
20%18 / 87Don't RB and let the game continue
8%7 / 87Don't RB and make the duped items completely Untradeable
3%3 / 87This is a hard decision, IDK


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CherryTigers Level 212 Windia Phantom 4 Boundless Guild See what games, anime & art CherryTigers is intoCherryTigers
Without a rollback, Nexon will inevitably lose lots of money. Their paying customers would have preferred a rollback too. It's unfair for people to have to pay money when others could just get an unfair advantage to climb up.

What was the goal in NOT rolling back? Was the goal customer satisfaction because they thought customers would be mad that a rollback was happening? If their goal was customer satisfaction, they picked the wrong choice.

Reading some of the comments on Basil, it seems most of the people who don't want a rollback are blindly saying things like, "I leveled up, so rollback shouldn't happen," or "I benefited from this, I don't want a rollback." It seems many of the proponents of "no rollback" are people who are looking at it very selfishly. I read one comment that even said that he didn't give a f about the dupers, he just wanted to keep his level up's. Look at the big picture people; this isn't your game, this is [i]our[/i] game.
Jan 02 2014
ladyvuitton Level 175 Mardia F/P Arch Mage
I'm tired of how Nexon operates. It's like a guessing game when it comes to dupe and Nexon.
Sometimes they use harsh treatment on dupers and abusers but other times it's just like a slap
on the wrist and wishy-washy warnings.

Remember how they sent notices about duped items and somehow saved 20atk earrings and
27 atk snowshoes?
Jan 02 2014
tdy98 Level 207 Windia Mercedes 4
honestly its pretty bad enough that people who bought duped items didnt get banned or trade blocks, but people who didnt do anything got banned. also the lag is annoying af
Jan 02 2014
Well, considering my friend duped 50b in mesos and didn't get banned and my other friend bought one nebulite and got perma'd, Nexon isn't good at dealing with problems like these.
Jan 02 2014
Fluxxxxx Level 203 Kradia Zero Transcendent
A rollback is their best option, their game is screwed by the looks of the basil threads. and we all know basilers know everything about the game's health
Jan 02 2014
Mich, Chizuke and Hieu made an interesting point today saying there's a possibility that Nexon CAN'T rollback. As in there's something to do with the event and the way it's coded. Then again, it's all speculation. I personally think they are looking for an appropriate time for the rollback, as they can't just choose a random time.
Jan 02 2014
mrcolorado Level 134 Windia Demon Slayer 4
well i saved all the names with people i did business with so no harm no foul for me. plus i only gained 1 level among this fiasco, but the only irreplaceable thing they can take away from me is my evan hair i got in the beauty coupons
Jan 02 2014
Hmmm let's see... most of the paying customers didn't buy them, yet most of the people who don't even support Nexon got away with a 200k+ range boost.
Jan 02 2014
MastaJ Level 129 Broa Bishop
I don't want a rb. I honestly dgf about the dupers. I'd rather just continue with the game and not lose all the progress of the last few days.
Jan 02 2014
brunokague Level 206 Bera Dark Knight
so i log onto maple, i go to evo, activate my 2x coupon....DCED
Jan 02 2014
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