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Afterlands quest line bugged ?

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gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
On my Tera Burning char i followd the Afterlands quest line from the same wlkthru i had usedn succefully on many chars. But this time i missed on key. Look here. I cppied/paste the piece where i didnt get a key, but i should have gotten one.
-Accept (but do NOT turn in) another quest from Tina [30 Child's Toy]
-Before turning in this quest, go to first map with mobs in this area and accept and
turn in the quest from the Broken Tree,
-which will give you your second key (NO BROKEN TREE ON THE MAP !!)
-Turn in Tina's quest to Riley, then accept another quest from Riley

On the map, Field of Melody,in the land off Innocence there should be a broken tree which gives a quest and after completing that quest a key (the one i am missing ).
But there is no broken tree...

What now ??
Posted: November 2019 Permalink


daimoauz Level 249 Broa Zero Transcendent Emcy Guild See what games, anime & art daimoauz is intoDaimaohz
its always has been bugged for years now. Mine hasnt been completed yet. Coz i messed up on the part where u break free the people from Land of Riches. I forgot which npc that was, if im not mistaken it could be that big guy. According to people who completed it, everyone has to be outside but mine were like everyone except the big guy who still inside. its a huge rip for me. And as for urs sorry though lol I kinda forgotten everything what to do
Nov 25 2019
gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
Looks we are in teh same boat again man. The walktru i followed worked fine for the guys in the land of riches though. You only gt the Big Guy outside when your travel true all the counties one more time, finishing in the land of Riches.
But i guess thats to late for you too.
Now i have to wait till i get lvl140 so i can do the Shanghai story line for the temporary totems i can get there.
Nov 26 2019

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