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All 10 peridots! Screen

By PostThunder

PostThunder Level 86 Zenith Chief Bandit
Apr 01 2011 Ehhemm... *YES*

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dearek4d Level 150 Windia Shade 4
congratz and u know theres a faster way 0-0
take the seed to vic then take the boat to ereve that takes about 3-4min other then like 10min on that boat and then 8 min on the orbis to ereve boat
Apr 02 2011
cchpm Level 205 Broa Night Lord
the 2x drop from cassandra must helped a lot
Apr 02 2011
PostThunder Level 86 Zenith Chief Bandit
It took me a half hour to do.
I didn't know what seeds did so I didn't bother with them. Btw for people who where wondering I made a UA Shad. Vampire isn't that bad.
Apr 02 2011
PostThunder Level 86 Zenith Chief Bandit
Your kidding. A half hour?


I had 4x on... or so it appeared. I got both 2x drops from the event... 1 of the mobs droped 3 peridots.
Apr 02 2011
123tonyni Level 161 Windia Paladin
i got my 10 in 3 min it was soooo easy
my second time i just took other peoples. i told them to tell everyone before they pick up a peridot and wait 10 seconds.
they trust me and i took each one of theres.
Oct 28 2012

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