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All stars hair

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Have anyone try the all star hair already? what are your results.
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VassupBruno Level 162 Kradia Xenon 4
I don't understand why people like Wild Tangles's too big and just looks bad in my opinion ._. if I got some coupons I'd probably try for the heavy metal or the cat ears. but I kinda like Grand Lionman the best still.
Apr 25 2013
Skylea Level 200 Bellocan Phantom 4
Girl wild tangles so good. i had them from way back, i feel that ill be seeing more of that hair now
Apr 25 2013
Phreek Level 200 Bera F/P Arch Mage
Decided to try for lovely tangles to match my friend and got it with my first ticket
Apr 25 2013
sceneangelx Level 200 Scania F/P Arch Mage
Wild tangles in three tries, but the royal eye really screwed it up
Apr 25 2013
Is the female kitty hair still available in royal hairs?
Jun 21 2013
cheapstuff Level 163 Scania Wild Hunter 4
first try hahahahaha
Jun 21 2013
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