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All that character slots

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As Mythra would say to Rex, "You finally got something right" nexon. After 6(not literally accurate) long years, nexon America finally gave us enough character slots for all classes/jobs/whatever you want to call it. Oh but after the Pink Bean event because nexon America likes to troll a lot.

What class were you missing from your collection?

What are you planning to do with 46th slot? Beginner? Citizen? Noblesse? Legend? Hayatoginner? Another mule to hold all your junk? Suddenly Zen appears? Hope for Ayame? Or wait for nexon Korea to make another new class because we all know nexon America won't expand character slots again for another 13 years.

I was missing a Bishop.
Not sure what to do with 46th slot. I still hope for Ayame, dood.
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ecarina Level 245 Galicia Cannoneer 4
I was missing Mihile. I'd already made one on El Nido so now I just have 2 of those things lying around.
I'm probably just going to wait for them to add more classes, since I don't trust NA to keep expanding. Also if they do more events that require you to level, like Breakthrough or that one event they did where you had to get 10 levels and stay online for a certain amount of time for a upot, it'll be nice to actually be able to make the character for those things for once.
Jun 24 2018

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