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Am I creepy or on the right track? Read the story

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Alright, so I have a crush:
1) She's my best friend's sister.(Younger by 1 year)Would it be better to tell him before I do anything, or should I establish a friendship with her and then ask for permission?

2) It's hard to tell if she's interested or not. I've actually known her for a while, but I suddenly started liking her. (Idk why) I've taken a lot of my time to think whether or not I should try to go for her and I decided yes. After all, my friend(completely unrelated) says one's instincts are usually correct. She has laughed at some of the stuff I've or done said in conversations in social groups. She's also come up to me to ask for her brother. I don't know her as a close friend, rather acquaintance, because her brother established an a cappella group we are all in. I thought I caught her looking in my direction. Now stuff got real at a football game the other day....we're all in marching band, so we did a halftime show and some were returning to the stands. I was gonna go talk to one of my buddies and I proceeded to look to my left.(a step down) From my memory, she was looking up at me while walking to the right. Then I realized it was her and none of my friends so I froze, and we locked eyes for like 3-4 seconds with neutral expressions...just staring at each other's souls. What does it mean?

The thing is there was interest because she didn't look away immediately, but I feel dumb for not smiling or saying hi. What have I done? Have I failed already or increased chances?
Posted: September 2013 Permalink

Am I creepy or on the right track? Read the story

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dr4g0ns1ay3r Level 205 Bera Xenon 4
Depend how chill is your best friend. I would ask on the safe side.

It's hard to tell if on the right track
Could be your imagination when you guys locked eyes.
Sep 15 2013
Ipoopster Level 10 Kradia
Sep 15 2013
KinghoboAssassi Level 148 Windia Night Lord
Bro code rule number 456, family is off limit unless otherwise stated. Failure to abide by this rule may result in ass being kicked by multiple bros at once.
Sep 15 2013
We're sophmores and she's a freshman.
Sep 15 2013
tiesandbowties Level 50 Broa Assassin
u just looked at her for 4 seconds without smiling back or saying anything?
she probably thinks you're going to murder her now
Sep 15 2013
Uh it couldn't have been my imagination if I know our eyes met. I am honestly not a creeper for all you haters out there.
Sep 15 2013
she wants the d
Sep 15 2013
yoster12 Level 159 Khaini Bishop
I thought you might have a chance when I read football game but then I read you're in the band not on the team lol
Sep 15 2013

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