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Jul 15 2011 Finally got my Angelic Blessing Recipe, 6 minutes before the Server Check Thought I would never get it...

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You got it, gratz I didn't find mine after 10 hours of Rumos.
Jul 17 2011
Pkpkpie Level 155 Scania Dark Knight
I wonder how many times you failed trying to Mine O_o
Jul 17 2011
BanditZ1234 Level 130 Bera Shadower
Triple Rumos don't drop ABR. That is my conclusion. I also hunted for 6 hours there and nothing. Grats btw
Jul 17 2011
i envy you for hunting for it..i just brought the recipe for 370m lol..
Jul 17 2011
I wonder how many times you failed trying to Mine O_o[/quote]

Lololol Mining level 4 and Black mines are still red and I fail a lot
Jul 17 2011
lilazninja Level 221 Khaini Kanna 4
Grats I had poorer luck with my farming so I decided to grind a bit and level. I think I will go back to farming soon though hopefully no one takes my recipies this time
Jul 17 2011

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