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Angelic buster Screen

By dysinthi

Jan 29 2013 I originally drew this a long time ago, but I completely forgot about it until the actual ABs came out huehue.. Other than the fact her proportions are slightly off and the background is kinda plain, I kinda like how this came out c:

Drawn on SAI and it took around 8 hours on and off since I kept being distracted lul

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cccurrified Level 72 Windia F/P Mage
+5 Anatomy wise, head is a little big - long neck as well - and arm/legs are kinda off. Personally, I find the hair a little dark to be all 'angelic buster cute'.

The colouring, and details on the clothing are good though .
Jan 30 2013
Pashmimi Level 188 Windia Paladin
Maybe if you made the head angle less Bakemonogatari-like (in other words, less extreme), she might look a little more proportioned. She's still very cute, though!
Jan 30 2013
butterfly Level 222 Windia Luminous 4
Cute! I would comment on the proportions but I couldn't do something this nice even if I tried.
Love it though!
Jan 30 2013
ImMoreWitty Level 62 Bellocan Evan 6th Growth
+2 Move ribbon.
Jan 30 2013
you gotta use stick figures (no joke) if you wanna have more realistic proportions. But congratulations on your amazing piece of work =D
Jan 31 2013
Nice Drawing, somehow reminds me of Hakaze from Zetsuen no Tempest.
Jan 31 2013

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