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Ani run fail Screen

By Zerobeat36

Zerobeat36 Level 220 Windia Night Lord
Apr 01 2011 Well I went on a normal Ani run. And when we started everything was fine. Then people started leaving around the 5 minute mark. And then this happened. Anyone else have a closer fail?

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do you have to beat ani to get to lhc or something?
Apr 02 2011
Pepper Level 130 Elnido Night Lord
do you have to beat ani to get to lhc or something?[/quote]

Ani raid has no relationship to entering LHC.
Ani is a seperate boss raid for level 70+ and gives you a box that has scrolls and stuff inside it.
That is, only if you beat it.
Apr 02 2011
oh ty for the info. P:!
Apr 02 2011
oOEw Level 200 Bera Corsair
I was on my bishop and the hp bar was a bit closer to dying and we had 0:02 seconds left, but I guess because of my slight lag my timing was off. : Needless to say, we were kicked out. xD I was hoping for a quick transport to orbis.
Apr 03 2011
scrumble Level 203 Scania F/P Arch Mage
I see 2 more people who aren't attacking, imagine if they did attack at the last 3 seconds, it may have died. ;P
Apr 03 2011
Amped Level 108 Bera Hero
Still wouldn't have gotten chest if you klilled, since you gotta go talk to the dude and timer dont stop IIRC. But yea, that's pretty close sorry for your loss.
Apr 03 2011

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