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kagura Level 210 Bera Hayato 4
Jan 02 2016
aristocratan Level 208 Windia Blade Master
what's the max storage again? I think I maxed it already
Jan 02 2016
ziub Level 130 Bera Kanna 4
Yumyum dat storage : D
Jan 02 2016
ecarina Level 245 Galicia Cannoneer 4
I'm 4 slots away from maxed storage, so that'll top me off. That's nice.
Jan 02 2016
flamyheavens Level 199 Galicia Corsair Solus Guild
+2 I'm so grateful that nexon finally gives out storage slots instead of monetizing them from before
I remember a long time ago it used to be hell transferring and storing 4 items at a time *shudder*
Jan 02 2016
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