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Any Advice is Welcome (Wh Vs. HGollux)

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taozeng Level 213 Galicia Mercedes 4
Yesterday was fine. Just my two cents:
Typically I try not to stray too far from the middle. And if you do, get back ASAP.
Remember that it's not a race when you're doing the jaw. You can sacrifice a second to stop attacking and move out of the way. I thought there were some times that you could've avoided the damage and the bind, but you chose to try and just walk with WAB and got hit anyways.
Other than that, you're good!
Oct 23 2015
cherrytigers Level 212 Windia Phantom 4 Boundless Guild See what games, anime & art cherrytigers is intoCherryTigers
I watched your video of "yesterday." Here's my advice. I noticed some mistakes that aren't too evident right now, but if you progress to hell gollux, these mistakes will stick out like a sore thumb and cause you to repeatedly fail.

I always recommend this for jobs such as bowmasters or wild hunters that can jump cast their hurricane-like skills: Jump + turn around while shooting while at the jaw to dodge. It will not only make your movements more precise so you don't get hit anymore, but it will prevent unnecessary movement as you walk back and forth which may cause you to get hit. I don't move at all unless it's just a hop to get out of the way.

Reason why this works is when people walk back and forth, unless they're very used to it and it works well for them, people aren't sure how far or close to walk so that they can dodge the next attack. By hopping, it gives you a very defined distance for movement.

The reason you're hit, for instance in 2:21 of the video you posted, is because you walked too far.
From 2:21, if you watch, you'll notice you're relying on pet heal too much. I saw you attempt to use a potion but your HP doesn't heal. Turn off pet heal because it auto-activates when you take damage BUT the cooldown doesn't start until you actively push the potion. This is a mechanic that's always been in the game and it screws people in cooldown-zones all the time. By removing this habit, it will allow you to be more concious of your HP and overall, it will make you a better bosser.
Next stage. The eyes:
Try not using the level 150 hyper skill turret. I know you don't want the mobs to hit the middle, but using that won't help you learn gollux. If you want to use your 3rd job turret on the right side, that's perfect but on the left side, learn the timings so that way you can go down whenever two mobs spawn and you can kill them both. This will allow for more percise runs and will also allow you to LEARN how to do hell gollux in the future.

This is important in hell mode since you not only have to kill the mobs during the eye stage, but you will also have to keep going down during the forehead gem stage.

Next: Standing placement. Remember the jump + turn around while shooting thing I mentioned in my second paragraph? This is where it shines. After going up to the portal with the eye, the hand will try hitting you. First of all, you can avoid this hand by doing the jump I mentioned. While standing at the edge of the plat, the hand won't target you. The jump is there for a measurement tool as well as there to optimize your DPS since normal walking would not do any damage. Jump + attacking will actually deal damage.

Also, I saw you getting knocked down by the orange attack he does. You can avoid this by entering the portal and taking a few steps to the left by just a FEW pixels. Just a few pixel adjustment will allow you to avoid this.

If you need more advice, feel free to tag me in a post and ask.
Mar 28 2016
yondaime Level 221 Bera Night Walker 4
may i ask what your range is as of that video? i know for sure hayatos have a lower dps/hps than WH but i just wanna see a reference since it takes me about 4 minutes longer to clear the jaw
Apr 10 2016

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