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Any Anime for this season

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soulblade Level 216 Windia Hayato 4 See what games, anime & art soulblade is intoSoulBlade
I want to watch a Anime from this season, but nothing seems too interesting. Have anyone here seen anything they liked?
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ironey Level 250 Mardia Xenon 1
Seems to me like it's a backlog season for most people i've spoken with

Working is seeming to be pretty enjoyable so far
Oct 05 2016
zoneflare4 Level 186 Windia Paladin
Think I have 15 series' that I plan on watching.
Oct 05 2016
imaclubyou Level 216 Khaini Aran 4 See what games, anime & art imaclubyou is intoImaClubYou
tbh, im just watching continued series this time around like stray dogs and haikyuu. Nothing else seems to be to interesting except for the Izetta witch anime(the blonde princess who finds the red haired witch). But this is off of first episode basis so we'll see.

Nanbaka is funny I guess but for now I think it's pretty meh.

This may be the season where I catch up to older animes really.

Currently watching Rainbow 6 friends from cell 2-6, rewatching angel beats, and rewatching Full Metal ALchemist Brotherhood.

EDIT: I'm also watching Twin Star Exorcist for anyone wondering. It turns out to be a pretty bad show, imo but the entertainment value and how deep I'm in the show already keeps me going. I also go a Twin Star Exorcist shirt from the most current loot crate so yay!
Oct 06 2016
modsaredumb Level 84 Khaini Dragon Knight See what games, anime & art modsaredumb is intoModsAreDumb
Pretty lame ass season, hell this year has been pretty lame overall. The only shows I'm watching this season are:

-Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans S1(Dub Simulcast) and S2(Sub)
-Ajin: Demi Human S2 (whenever it decides to air)
-Hunter x Hunter Dub Simulcast

Other than that this season is pretty stale. Give those series a shot or start working on your backlog, or skip out and worry about real world stuff. Whatever works.
Oct 06 2016
bustermode1 Level 207 Bera Zero Transcendent
hmmm.... let's see i hav a few on my list but i might drop some of them depending on how the plot advances

Bungou Stray Dogs(not dropping)
Kaitou Joker (well i watched 3 seasons of it so ill just keep it for times wen i get bored)
Shuumatsu no Izetta (reminds me of junketsu no maria.. ill keep it for now)
TRICKSTER: Edogawa Rampo "Shounen Tantei-dan" yori (trying it for now)
WWW.WORKING!! (classic slice of life like last season where it was kono bijutsubu)
Cheating Craft (this is just lol)
Oct 07 2016
arcinex Level 206 Windia Blade Master
All Out!!
Haikyuu!! Season 3
Oct 07 2016
rixworkwix Level 210 Bera Shade 4
just lmao if youre not watching yuri on ice
Oct 08 2016
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