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Any Class Other Than Your Own?

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oirascal Level 160 Demethos Thunder Breaker 4
If you could play any other class, other than your main's, what would it be? Why?
Posted: February 2016 Permalink


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someyounguy Level 200 Broa Hero
Probably a BaM. The only mage I would ever debate playing. I already have all the other characters made if I wanted to play them.
Feb 12 2016
highqualityz Level 200 Reboot Dawn Warrior 4
@soggybread: ofc m8 i luv ply wat u like class is my fav of all maple and wow
Feb 12 2016
star909 Level 220 Windia Phantom 4
I already dont play my own class (^:
Feb 12 2016
lunaracid Level 222 Scania Shade 4
I main Shade, but if I didn't main Shade I'd definitely main a Bowmaster!
Feb 13 2016
yiffyfurry Level 217 Bera Beast Tamer Shared TwoAmores Guild See what games, anime & art yiffyfurry is intoyiffyfurry
I'd never main anything else besides Beast Tamer, but erm i guess luminous they're good at mobbing.
Feb 13 2016
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