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Any Hyper Stat Tips?

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bannanna Level 210 Scania Marksman
So, as title says. Essentially, I know what's important, and I have some tiny calculations that would work well. But, I need some pointers. First off, is the elemental resistance the same as ignore? Is it like the one Cygnus knights (had). Second, is minimum or maximum crit better? Third, Is the stats affected by %stat (and if such is confirmed). That's pretty much it that I need to know
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trumpet205 Level 205 Windia Aran 4
Minimum critical is always better, as it stabilizes your critical damage. Think of it like your regular 50% and 70% mastery skills.
Dec 02 2015
rexaar Level 225 Scania Hero
Elemental resistance means you take less damage from attacks and debuffs that has holy, ice, lighting, fire, poison, and dark elements. (Does not affect %attacks)
It is not the same as elemental ignore.
Dec 02 2015
chaosh Level 182 Windia Kanna 4
No, Elemental Resistance is different from Elemental Ignore.

Overall, Min and Max crit will increase your average damage crit damage by the same amount, min crit is generally prefered since it makes your damage more stable and easier to cap, but you get more from the Max Crit Hyper Stat (15%) than the Min one (10%).

+Stats/ATT/MATT from Hyper Stats, Character Cards, Inner Ability and I believe buffs as well aren't affected by %potential. A maxed STR Hyper Stat will give you exactly that, +150 STR in your stat window, no matter your equips.
Dec 02 2015
nikeball123 Level 210 Windia Bow Master See what games, anime & art nikeball123 is intonikeball123
Min crit is better when you are starting to cap, otherwise they are the same.
The stats should be affected by % stats but I'm not certain.
Dec 02 2015
sk8xichigo Level 210 Broa Xenon 4
the stat hypers don't get affected by potentials =/. % damage and boss are really good. min crit is also really nice. max crit doesn't hurt either. status resistance is nice for bossing, but so is pdr. just choose according to your own needs.
Dec 03 2015

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