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Any collectors around? What items are you most proud of

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pilox Level 216 KradiaEMS Beast Tamer Shared
I like to collect rare items (mostly common jobs) on my beginner class.

I've got:
Purple work gloves
Blue work gloves
Burning Marshmellow (53)
Yellow Bath Robe
Red Sauna Robe
Brown Bandana
Red Bandana
Green Ski
Pink Tube

And today I got a Thermometer (level 10) which is quite rare in EMS.

Currently looking for a Super Snowboard, had one before we merged but stupidly sold it..
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readers Level 131 Scania Beginner See what games, anime & art readers is intoReaders
I didn't set out on my way to be a collector, just that because I'm so old that I happen to have quite a few collectibles.

Off the top of my head I can recall I have a Super Snowboard (GMS & not selling, soz) which I'm probably the most proud of owning. Alongside that, I have the white mop that is in my avatar, as well as possibly a 2006 Pumpkin Basket, a Square Shovel and some other random stuff (various random snowboards). I have old former islander mules that have collected tons of old event items like Independence Day Hats and Valentine Roses (I can't remember the exact amount for obvious reasons, because I know I have a ton of those two - ranging from Yellow to White roses mostly).

I also have lots of old event etc. items (like Halloween Candies, Graham Crackers, those Wish Tickets, etc.), although I think those are less interesting to many collectors, but worth mentioning.
Aug 07 2017
808nine Level 66 Kradia Demon Slayer 3
I currently have a storm caster glove, is that worth anything?
Aug 07 2017
pinyin Level 107 Zenith Beginner
Carnival winner medal
Ain't nobody got sh* on me I would pop an onyx apple if needed
Aug 07 2017
andreaverilia Level 209 Windia Evan 10th Growth
I have a @beefly, I love her a ton wouldn't trade for anything
Aug 07 2017
iiamphantomx Level 201 Broa Shadower
Maple Asura, Dark Mate, Wagner, Skanda. Nocturnal Staff, Maple Staff, Maple Wisdom Staff, Blue Sauna Robe, Bathrobe For Men(?), Purple Work Gloves, Purple Bandana. And a kfan! and then if you count the stuff you could get from the old maplestory return event, all 3 bamboo hats, chief stan hat, and raggedy cape.
Aug 07 2017
alienpetplease Level 151 Bera Beginner
Probably my tuna lvl 20 or football steel helm. Along with my other itmes like waterworks,white cap and more..

Still gotta find a ssb,lockewood and muey thai string.
Aug 07 2017
saitama Level 170 Bera Luminous 4 See what games, anime & art saitama is intoSaitama
Complete Blizzard set (male and female) with polearm before I got hacked
Aug 07 2017
alienpetplease Level 151 Bera Beginner
Love it, tuna, blur danas, szhem and sscg are hella good!
Aug 07 2017
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