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Any dark knights noticing a loss of dmg?

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yvgamer94 Level 110 Elnido Battle Mage 4 Justaway Guild yvgamer94 @
Just started bossing and noticed a dmg drop. Thought it was just drop gear equipped but it wasn't. Checked stats and noticed final dmg dropped to 30% instead of being 50% before patch. I could only think of the dark knight hyper skill passive bonus 20% damage maybe being bugged and so I tried resetting and placing a point back into it but nothing. I got a screen shot of before vs now.

Or it could be just a Dark knight nerf lol.
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darkimpale Level 226 Broa Dark Knight
Yes I've lost 2.7m range and it's making me crazy.
Mar 02 2017
piana Level 49 Scania Cleric Piana @
The hyper for reincarnation before this patch was in effect even if you're not revived so it's more of a fix.
Mar 02 2017
piana Level 49 Scania Cleric Piana @
@yvgamer94: I don't think so.
"Although described in the 4th skill described above, the skill tooltip of the Hyper Passive seems to refer to when the Reincarnation Resurrection Buff is being applied, but it has been applied to passive effects for a while. This changed to be applied only when the Resurrection Buff is applied as a patch on October 27th."
Mar 03 2017
piana Level 49 Scania Cleric Piana @
@yvgamer94: Dark Knight is till a great class, objectively speaking.
I meant if you like the class you probably wouldn't mind anything as long as Nexon doesn't butcher its playstyle.
Mar 03 2017

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