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Any old windians still active?

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icodi Level 193 Windia Night Lord
Sorry if this thread is in an inappropriate place. I was wondering if any old first gen windians were still active? Maybe even 2nd gen? I have redownloaded this game in the hopes that I can find some old friends or even make new ones. If anyone knows of any old Windian players, or you yourself are one. Could you perhaps pm me? Thank you friends =)
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andreaverilia Level 209 Windia Evan 10th Growth
Im an old windia player sincefirst anniversary along with @beefly: but we both deaded in game but still lurk here
Jun 07 2018
icodi Level 193 Windia Night Lord
I was actually wondering where my best chances would be for finding someone I might know? So far with the information I have, windia isn't the place for it. Bera or Reboot? Is that accurate? God I was hoping someone might still use basilmarket like they used to use sleepywood forums but I think I should give up on finding people ;-;
Jun 07 2018
gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
Well i am old (56) and still active, but i am from Bera, Reboot currently.
Good luck with finding your old friends.
Jun 07 2018
vrabid Level 160 Windia Bishop
Took a break from maple to find out windia died a while after. I play sometimes, but I'm usually on bera now. Just waiting for a huge ass server merge with all the other dead servers.
Jun 08 2018
yodawgwuzup Level 208 Windia Night Lord
I am old school Windia player that comes back every summer.
Jun 12 2018
rusonabangtan Level 160 Windia Aran 1
I'm an old Windian too! Played back in 2010 when the Arans first came and it became my main. Just got back a few days ago after 5 years. It's so sad it's dead now. Am looking for an active guild.
My ign is Rusona
Jun 14 2018
vrabid Level 160 Windia Bishop
@rusonabangtan: I'm not super sure if these guilds are active, but it's better than nothing =P Try applying for Boundless or Aerial.
Jun 14 2018
xlegerasx Level 143 Windia I/L Arch Mage
Sadily no longer a maplestory 1 player, but definitely a windian from back in the day (think i got to 120 before 4th job was announced in KMS, when it use to take like 10 hours+ just to level once), apparently my basil account reset at some point or another; but yeah im excited to try out maplestory 2. But only browse on here from time to time

edit: this account is 4466 days old lol
Jun 16 2018
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