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Any old windians still active?

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icodi Level 193 Windia Night Lord
Sorry if this thread is in an inappropriate place. I was wondering if any old first gen windians were still active? Maybe even 2nd gen? I have redownloaded this game in the hopes that I can find some old friends or even make new ones. If anyone knows of any old Windian players, or you yourself are one. Could you perhaps pm me? Thank you friends =)
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draklordkill Level 160 Windia Hero
Still Active on Basil just reading random pages, but from Windia back from 06. Good Luck on finding active friends from a time like ours. Maplestory had greatly died down and community friendliness, even basil and other websites that were heavy with MS have died out over time. Mr. Basil doesn't even do anything on this website anymore. It was a exciting time back then, but I hope you still enjoy the time you spend on maple. It might not be the same but I know you can always join the multiple private servers for the nostalgic feeling.

Jun 16 2018
earlier Level 197 Windia Bow Master
I'm one of them and just got back into the game. Damn sure is dead.
Jun 16 2018
vrabid Level 160 Windia Bishop
Moved back to windia, it's hard leaving your home world lmao. The population in windia is small yeah, but I feel like it's dead if you want it to be dead. No one really opens up to talk, but if you're willing to play that part, it's not that different from other worlds
Jun 18 2018
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