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Any risk in purchasing items from a keyloggers shop?

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caca Level 250 Windia Fighter
There's this shop that's selling godly equips for a cheap price, but I was informed by a friend that the owner of the shop keylogs people and steals their equips to sell off. Is there any risk that Nexon will delete these items or something if they find out about this? Was thinking about buying a set of equips
Posted: August 2015 Permalink


wasp3 Level 195 Windia Kaiser 4
lol what
Aug 05 2015
caca Level 250 Windia Fighter
can my item get deleted if i purchase something from a keylogger's shop and that person ends up getting banned by nexon
Aug 05 2015
agentbenito Level 108 Elnido Night Lord
They won't get deleted unless they were duplicated.
Aug 06 2015

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