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Anyone feel like we are the weakest warrior class now?

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sl0wbr0s Level 207 Mardia Shadower
Is anyone feeling like this right now or is it just me? I know you can argue Hayato is weaker but i just feel like DS became ridiculously weak when this RED was introduced.
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nhan1st Level 167 Nova Marksman
Did you forget about Mihilie?
Dec 07 2013
you can't possibly be weak if you're funded
Dec 07 2013
sl0wbr0s Level 207 Mardia Shadower
@nhan1ist i actually did LOL

@watups well i mean in general. Not in gearwise.
Dec 07 2013
iVege Level 10 Khaini
everyone has their prime

you had yours when you were first released

and i'm not saying this is should be "how things go" but this is really how things go with maplestory

nexon can't balance to save their life
Dec 07 2013
oakmontowls Level 210 Galicia Demon Slayer 4
I would have to say that we still are up there in damage but not "op"
Dec 07 2013
i did felt that way, but i love my DS, and on FLY we getting buffed, so we will shine again
Dec 07 2013
welll but we have some nice additions too
like easy max defense, good hp, Bind, % hp ignore, ignore DR for a small period.
Also they are fun and in FLY we get a buff
Dec 07 2013
hobbes6098 Level 101 Arcania Jett 4
You've had your turn to be op. I still remember when I was training my paladin and a couple of demon slayers decided to be funny and followed me. All of the demon crys... That pretty much happened to almost all of the characters I've tried to train.

TL;DR I hate Demon Slayers
Dec 07 2013
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