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Anyone from 2006-2010?

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f0f02 Level 45 Broa Assassin
I have great memories of posting on this forum during that period of time (despite being horrible to nearly everyone)! Just wondering if anyone still checks this.
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dalsia Level 164 Scania Bishop
Been here since October 2005
Sep 26 2020
aznseal Level 200 Broa Dark Knight
andrew is that you
Sep 28 2020
f0f02 Level 45 Broa Assassin
@aznseal: Yeah sure is lol. Just lurking around periodically reliving the glory days. What's up with you??
Sep 28 2020
divine619 Level 150 Windia Night Lord
Yea I used to post my crappy drawings lol
Oct 01 2020
mysticalmage Level 214 Bera Dark Knight
We all moved on with our lives.
Oct 06 2020
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