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Anyone gotten the kitty ears hair yet?

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urwetdream99 Level 204 Chaos Cannoneer 4
it looks like a cute hairstyle and i want to see what it looks like on people so if anyone does have have it how many tickets did it take you or how rare is it?
i'm just curious to know
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omisfortuneo Level 206 Scania Blade Master
4tries on my mage, and it's very common
Dec 04 2011
4tries on my mage, and it's very common[/quote]

Which town do you get the hair at? It's super cute! Is it royal?
Dec 18 2011
aelyssia Level 176 Broa Battle Mage 4
I did a royal hair for a friend on her character because she was in Europe at the time and I got it in one try.
Dec 18 2011
TS:Your charc kinda looks like a boy
The eyes and that hairstyle
If that hairstyle is a girl's hairstyle
I mistaken alot of people
Dec 18 2011
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