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Anyone have a DPS Chart for when 5th Job Arrives in GMS?

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fateofdoom Level 126 Elnido Marksman
Title. I am looking to play the highest DPS class for when 5th job comes to GMS. Is it Kinesis?
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wellness Level 199 Mardia Phantom 4 Justaway Guild
@nitsua2789: I would go as far as to say to not play Maplestory if you just want high damage. There are other more straightforward games out there to have fun in and be challenged without the need for gear-funding.
Nov 26 2016
vicetone Level 210 Scania Zero Transcendent
@nitsua2789: Thanks, i'm gonna use that.
Nov 26 2016
nitsua2789 Level 250 Broa Evan 10th Growth Emcy Guild See what games, anime & art nitsua2789 is intonitsua2789
@ragerraging: Really? The beginner at rank 4 was the give away? Not the assumptions, the 1st 2 ranks, or any of the joke classes listed?

The chart was used as a joke to illustrate a point.

@vicetone: I'm here to help.
Nov 26 2016
fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
A truly accurate DPM test would:
-Test based on the same level of funding
-Test how much damage per minute a class can get on the same monster (not sure which this could be tested on because of boss' attacks and such, which are different per run...I guess you could take an average though)
-(the funding thing) Have every class equipped with the same equipment set, clean (realistically probably Pensalir)
-Have every class be the same level

And if there was enough of a difference between the different DPMs the classes get in their tests, this would show which classes do more damage per minute, with the same level of funding (which is what DPM is supposed to be comparing the way I see it.)

Having pure percentages like that doesn't show anything really, because some classes have lower default ranges than others, and the assumed environment of the % DPM charts is too much of a vacuum--too unrealistic. Hell, I used to time fights with Zakum (subtracting the attack cancel buff he has) on every class, at the same level, with the same equip set, on a pizza slice, and that was probably more representative than the DPM charts.

But I mean...they're not COMPLETELY wrong. Paladins are really, really weak compared to other classes at the same level with similar funding, and the same goes for many classes in regard to where they land on the DPM charts.
Nov 27 2016
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