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Aran union patch, with AFA, owning! Video

By ajwright92

ajwright92 Level 210 Khaini Demon Avenger 4
Nov 26 2011 I found this video a couple of days ago, and I thought it was pretty cool.
Everyone says hero is better dpm than aran, me personally I think after the update, that accusation will be proven wrong.
Im pretty sure all the heroes will run to DS when its out, but all arans enjoy xD

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so after the patch all the skill are still the same? lame..
Nov 27 2011
ajwright92 Level 210 Khaini Demon Avenger 4
Yeah the quality isnt the best.
But it couldnt be that bad if you watched it right?

Besides that guy looking for attention, i think aran got the buff it has long deserved. Though still missing a few tweaks
Nov 27 2011
Rofl, Isn't that is delaran's bgm for one of his aran's video ?
Nov 28 2011
ajwright92 Level 210 Khaini Demon Avenger 4
AFa was added for arans, to the guy who said heroo with descent si> aran no one really cares even if they did.

this is for the people who actually enjoy aran for the class, i think if people cared at all, their would be twice as many heroes as it is by now.

I actually find heroes to be a joke since most of them use hacked weapons for descent dmg.

Just tired of people downing the aran class, if it wasnt for big bang you would still be QQing about still having brandish.

PS i didny make this video at all for all you people who for some reason cant read. ( so stop complaining about the quality)
Its not even that bad at all, you basilers are just too needy lol
Nov 28 2011

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