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Arcane symbol

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gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
So i deserved it by killing 10 monsters, i double clicked it so i equiped it but where ? I cant find it anywhere in my Equipes ?
Posted: November 2017 Permalink


twopointonefour Level 240 Scania Bow Master
There probably isn't a button on your equipment window that you couldn't read.
Nov 12 2017
zerodexerius Level 201 Scania Dark Knight
There's a blue button on the bottom right of your character equipement window and when you'll open it, you'll see your arcane symbol
Nov 13 2017
gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
@zerodexerius: and so it is ! Thanks man . They say one is never too old to learn, and believe me, i am old, lol.
Nov 13 2017

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