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Are 256 atk vip daggers worth anything anymore

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i have one from a long time ago and people are asking me to sell it but i have no idea what it's worth anymore ><

any help would be nice~ thanks!
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yongyong139 Level 76 Renegades
Yeah it's only about 1m right now
Mar 19 2013
jevan1998 Level 136 Khaini Aran 4
I will be nice and buy for 5m
Mar 19 2013
just keep it. worth THAT little
Mar 19 2013
lolololol dude dont listen to these guys the dagger is liek 5b+
Mar 19 2013
Cholange Level 181 Khaini Bishop
I sense sarcasm in this thread.

but really, it's more than max.
Mar 19 2013
zogar Level 187 Bera Wind Archer 4
try to scam a noob and sell it to them for 11,111,111 instead of 1,111,111. Lol you'd make a lot of profit
Mar 19 2013
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