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Are NW Even Good?

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xxwinterk9xx Level 120 Scania Evan 9th Growth
Since they just got patched for their bugs are they even good in terms of damage and bossing/mobbing?
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kaxi Level 210 Renegades Zero Transcendent
NWs are meh at bossing,(they're right in the middle DPM wise) and their mobbing is pretty trash compared to all other godly mobbers
Dec 25 2016
mrmoogle Level 212 Reboot Night Walker 4
+1 NW have some of the best mobility in the game. The 5th job's hook helps w/ other toons, but our up jump and then double jump (combo) is still better IMO. Shadow Dodge, is super useful on bosses.

Bat's make it so you can easily solo gollux's head, they will kill the minions for you. Lumi and NL both can do this too. Bats are also crazy good for mobbing.

The 5th job skill, if it gets fixed, will make our mobbing really good, since bats proc it. It is a really fun skill, I'm really glad we got it.

People complain about our mobbing, but I don't really have a problem with it. I think they ignore the bats, which before 5th job, did half our mobbing damage (not sure what it will be like now). Also since the mobbing skill a 3rd job skill, with 5th job you get +150% instead of +100% at max level, which is nice.

Also for 5th job, we already have something better than hook, and something as good as the bind, so we don't have to use node slots for those skills, so we have more options than a lot of the tier one classes. NL for example doesn't have either, so they have to use up both slots.

And for events, if you can 1hko in dipq, we can finish it faster than any other class I know of. I haven't done it in a while (my range has gone up, so I should 1hko more often w/ omen), but I was completing dipq and hilla vs magnus with over 55 minutes left.

So I have no regrets choosing NW as my main (other than nexon breaking all our skills over the last few weeks, which I couldn't have predicted).
Dec 25 2016
ieatrice08 Level 204 Windia Blade Master
At one point they were the most broken bossers of all time (insane sustain, insane mobility with a 0cd backstep, ranged attacks, great dps, bossing waveclear for gollux, darksight, even a bind for utility). Things they stripped NW of: sustain is still there just much much weaker than before, mobility is now weak since they force a 5 sec cd for backstep, nerfed dps but the dps is still good and it still retains the same long range and waveclear.

Currently Nightwalkers have:

-Moderate Sustain
-Poor Mobility and Dodging Potential (jump attack is clunky)
-Good DPS (claw multiplier to increase range easier and tons of lines with decent damage percent)
-Good Bossing Waveclear
-Good Utility w/ Darksight and Bind
-Decent mobbing with the release of 5th job

Traits of good bossing classes:

-Good mobility and dodging potential (quick dashes, attacks that aren't clunky, backsteps, iframes, etc)
-Good DPS
-Good utility (binds, cd resets, invincibility, ability to attack in multiple directions like arrow platter or bats, etc)
-Good Sustain (tankiness and heal)
-Decent Waveclear (to kill any mobs the boss summons)

TLDR: NW hits a decent amount of the traits needed for a good bossing class so they are good atm, just not overpowered.
Dec 25 2016
xxwinterk9xx Level 120 Scania Evan 9th Growth
@mrmoogle: @ieatrice08: I love detailed replies like these. They're so helpful. Thanks for your replies!
Dec 25 2016
lshadow3 Level 221 Reboot Night Walker 4 FallenStarz Guild
I'd love to give a longer explanation, but I'm on mobile.

They touched on the good featured well. The one thing I will add is that the backstep is really amazing in hmag, cvel, and most, if not all, of the endgame bosses. The 5s cooldown is really negligible and you learn to not rely on the backstep when you can just flash jump. But it is VERY handy, nonetheless.

Our mobility is really quite amazing. Other than that, I would take the previous two responses with good faith. Shadow spear is very good for mobbing, especially when you add in the fact that dark omen summons spears, bats that summon Spears, and the Spears decrease the omen cooldown, our mobbing has really gone up quite well.

Not quite on lumi level, but definitely high-mid tier with good range.
Dec 26 2016
ieatrice08 Level 204 Windia Blade Master
@lshadow3: Backstep is always really useful, but the issue is the clunkiness of jump attack. Having to time within the 5 sec iframe and move out of the way makes their dodging potential a little bit limited. They also lack dashes so aside from the bstep they dont have other dodging skills. Flash jumping is abit harder to dodge terrain with in comparison to dashes (you can jump into meteors, flying projectiles, and etc). That being said, their mobility isnt trash its just not that great compared to lets say dual blade, phantom (penombre acts likea dash and backstep), shade back step, etc
Dec 26 2016
lshadow3 Level 221 Reboot Night Walker 4 FallenStarz Guild
@ieatrice08: I actually find penombre and shade backstep much harder to control, especially in meteor-oriented places like hmag and lotus. Penombre brings you WAY up into the air to run into meteors while still not being able to avoid cvel's vertical range.

Shade's backstep can be useful, but it tends to bring you out of the attacking range and is not as useful in places like hmag's last stage. I agree, NW's iframe could be extended in backstep, but that's a good challenge. Regardless, you don't need to depend on iframes most of the time (besides a good dominion).
Dec 26 2016
mrmoogle Level 212 Reboot Night Walker 4
+1 @lshadow3: @lshadow3: @xxwinterk9xx:
Once you get used to NW:
You hardly notice the 5s cd on backstep, the only place I have to do anything about it is on gollux.
Also, I'd argue double jump is better than dash. Since we're already jump attacking, it's quick to pull off, and you can control your distance by timing the jump. Dash moves you a certain distance each time. I do this all the time in cvel to dodge the tails and the rocks. You need to control the distance, or you'd dash into a rock and get stunned. But this takes skill compared to hitting a button to dash.
Dec 26 2016
ieatrice08 Level 204 Windia Blade Master
@lshadow3: haha yeah penombre looks tricky to use but its not. Your hitframe doesnt go up into the air it stays on the ground. Just the animation makes you look like you go up. Its like any other dash just the animation is funny
Dec 26 2016

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