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Are buccs worth making

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zaver0 Level 111 Scania Paladin
Are buccs worth making? ive always wanted to make one but wanted to see if the investment was worth it.
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Weeb Level 250 Windia Xenon 4
Buccaneers are really fun.
But lackingin Dmg which you need to rely on Dice and Energy charge to be able to do much bossing wise.
Mar 14 2016
galbatore Level 185 DemethosEMS Buccaneer CandyLovers Guild
1st-3rd jobs: Great fun, above average strength.
Early 4th mobbing: OK.
Later 4th mobbing: Great but hindered by lacking (vertical) mobility.
Mobility: Below average.
Bossing versus stationaries AKA old-style bosses: OK.
Bossing versus mobile bosses: Awful.

That's a quick summary for you. Believemenot's testimony is definitely more than a bit jolly, even to a Bucc as optimistic as myself. We're never more than an above-average class as regards to anything, and we usually fall a fair bit south of the imaginary equator of Maple classes. Bucc's great fun and definitely a class I'd recommend you try, but not necessarily a class I'd recommend you "invest" in: certainly, not before you play it to a good level and really determine that you're hot to do so.

Bucc works decently unfunded all things considered. If you are going to fund it, a good place to take it to is the classic 200k clean area, as you'll see some nice performance from your Bucc at that point. You can 2-hit Armory 2 mobs almost always, which for EMS is very important. Soloing CZak, CHT and the standard lower-tier bosses will be more than doable.

But you'll start seeing worse returns the higher you go. Bucc's range goes up at a decent canter but it's very liable to fluctuate, both in visual range and damage output. Roll of the Dice (4,5), Stimulating Conversation, charged state and Power Unity stacks are all things which boost your damage significantly but which either do not have a 100% uptime or require effort to maintain.

Dying is an absolute menace for a Bucc, and as much as I'd like to scoff and go 'so just don't die', realistically, at stuff like Hard Magnus and even Chaos Von Bon that just does not happen. None of your attacking skills are very safe at all, and when you die it'll take you about a minute to get everything together again. That's really why it's rare to see a Bucc smashing it at the top-tier bosses: bad DPS, terrible party support (as a supporter, our class got replaced by a frickin' glove potential!), and a ton of punishment from deaths.

One question, do you guys have Spiral Assault cancellable yet? That might help a bit. Oh well. The answer, to my mind, has still always been 'try before you buy'. Take the class through thoroughly.
Mar 14 2016
galbatore Level 185 DemethosEMS Buccaneer CandyLovers Guild
@helpingly: Hell yee. Too bad Power Unity's still gonna be rude to maintain. And Autobuff's for rich folk, but it's still a good little boon for my no-good self.

It does feel a bit like they're homogenising Maple moreso than ever these days, though. We all remember the drain wipe, then I saw KMS had blanket eliminated instant kills [chance]. Now the trend tends to be towards getting rid of most all buffs barring Hypers and Boosters; Buccaneer sees a part of that but Soul Master stuck out as the most drastic alteration. I suppose it's another means KMS are using to somewhat balance characters, I noticed WH still has all of its buffs to attend to, for one. I'll wait to get seriously suspicious 'til the day Explorer Warriors get tossed a backstep, haha!
Mar 14 2016
tricks122 Level 203 Windia Buccaneer
@zaver0 Don't listen to @believemenot since he has no conception of how actual damage per second works.

Buccaneers are NOT a good investment if you want effective bossing; fun is subjective, and if you enjoy them then play them. However, you will get MUCH farther with several other classes, rather than Buccaneers, since they just have too many limitations; other classes tend to have an easier time bossing later on and still have a tolerable early game. Buccaneers have too many limitations, both when bossing and when training; they have no real advantages, and a lot of their skills are just flat-out poorly designed. Their play-style is riskier and more dangerous than other classes, which leads to worse damage than 'reliable' classes, even when luck is on the Buccaneer's side.

Play what you enjoy, but if you want an efficient class that will boss in a reliable way and has the tools for end-game content, a Buccaneer is not a good choice, even with the recent changes to the class and future changes. For now, it'd be better to make another 'good' bossing class that simply does more damage, has better durability and isn't forced to rely on contradictory(Typhoon Crush) or luck-based(Dice, Pirate's Revenge) skills for a good part of their bonuses.
Mar 14 2016
Weeb Level 250 Windia Xenon 4
@believemenot: People ask the question all the time. Short answer is yes. They have highest damage on bosses and mobs of all pirate classes.[/quote]
Contradicting when you said in this thread, ,that they are terrible and have no pros.
Mar 14 2016

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