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Are there people who still know who Tiger was?

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anatyefet14 Level 170 Scania Buccaneer
Hey, I haven't played MS for over 8 years now, and I'm not planning to again, but was wondering if there'r some people who still know who Tiger was.

Thanks, cheers, have a great day!
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xgotxgookx Level 203 Nova Marksman
Yep, I remember going with guild mates or buddies to go watch him solo fight pianus and train at cellions, gobies, and himes.
Nov 01 2016
baconmmm Level 237 Scania I/L Arch Mage
I read a year or two ago he is British, and his girlfriend at the time deleted his account.
Nov 01 2016
trojanmagnum Level 180 Bera Wind Archer 4 See what games, anime & art trojanmagnum is intoTrojanMagnum
Only old school (before to pre bigbang) can remember who Tiger was, he was like a hero when be pro means hit lvl 70 :v

He and suuushi were awesome.

Hail Tiger the true DK
Nov 01 2016
highhorsery Level 151 Scania Paladin
He still plays
Nov 01 2016
deadangel13 Level 224 Windia Marksman
Some guy posted a picture of him and his girlfriend a while ago here (like 2 years ago I guess)
He didn't quite seem like the legendary level 170 Dragon Knight
Nov 01 2016
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