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Are those even eyes? o3o Screen

By sasukukchia

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StolenTea Level 86 Bellocan Hermit
Those eyes look like this "3_3"
Jul 13 2011
NOO wayy
i call them 2 Ripped A h0les on the face. Worst face everrrrrrrr
it makes cool emotions but still ugly
Jul 13 2011
jstn Level 165 Broa Evan 10th Growth
i love the face's f5 xD
its a mixture of f6 eyes and f5 mout
Jul 13 2011
The F5 is amazing. It's the only reason why I'm keeping those eyes.
Jul 13 2011
TheApple609 Level 103 Mardia Battle Mage 3
Those eyes are in anime/manga. When some1 takes off their "nerd" glasses their eyes look like that 3_3
Jul 14 2011

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