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Are you getting a legend maple set

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marchiris Level 179 Windia Demon Slayer 4
are you?
it looks cute but its untradable and there r better substitute out there
Posted: February 2012 Permalink

Are you getting a legend maple set

72%37 / 51YES! Lov it
27%14 / 51No.
0%0 / 51waz that


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krispydude12 Level 125 Bera Dawn Warrior 4
I think its a good set for the non-funded players. I'm non-funded and I think its a pretty cool set. Trying to get all equips to get the effect.
Feb 05 2012
Im getting it because i think that if you get the orange mushie mount and the set,you get the legends medal.
Feb 05 2012
look at me now!
a few people have the full set already, i just need the shoulder & belt
Feb 05 2012
Collection XD!
and also want the medal
Feb 05 2012
azel088 Level 143 Bera Demon Slayer 4
how do you guys get so many coins so fast o-o?
Feb 05 2012
I already finished. I gotta wait 2 more days for the medal.
I only like the cape, everything else looks kinda plain. [/quote]

yea i think so too..
Feb 05 2012
iCheckHoes Level 200 Broa Bishop
I'm just getting it for the medal. Lol. I'll probably get the set on a few other characters that I can't really afford to fund.
Feb 05 2012
I got the whole set already but it isnt letting me get the medal, whys that?
Feb 05 2012
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