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The moment I realized I was fat


So as an normal 5'7 guy today I went to Mcdonalds to show off my height, I was eating 4 big macs with lettuce and tomatoes and a diet coke, never...

Who was hired to annouce perhaps La Presidenta Primera


I just love how maniacal and cistern this woman who just recently said, "La Presidenta Primera" in a Spanish XFINITY basic channel reel that...

Taking Genderbender Requests


Just wanted to relax a bit with some doodling :) I'll (try to) draw your character as the opposite sex!! Need some practice with drawing doods an...

Taking Requests continued


Continuation of requests from this thread: I forgot all about this, and then the thread got c...

Pixel Art Commission

Hello dear Basilers, Happy Halloween! I hope everyone is well. I am looking for a pixel art commission, I can pay in PayPal or in Windian Mesos. If ...

Hey look another F R E E art thread

16 Currently running low on motivation fuel, giving free vector art to anyone who posts in this thread with a [post witty c...

Taking Requests


I'm bored, and I have some spare time. Leave a comment if you want me to draw your avatar or whatever, if you have something specific let me kno...

Very Thinking

Much doge. Very internet....

Water war artwork


Does anyone have any link to the official artwork for the water war event. I was able to find only one. D=

Looking for Beautiful art


I never got a chance to be drawn by anyone, so i want to get drawn by YOU guys! Thank you Alot!...

hi i039ll draw you


(i haven't been on basil in 50 years...) i've never been good at these threads but just comment below and i'll try my best to get throu...

Stream Art Requests o/


I'll be taking requests on my stream whenever I'm up! Quick chibi sketches of your Maplestory Character ;3 Twitch @PandaTeashu o/...

Commission Information and Prices


Now that I've posted a bit of my art on my page. I'd like to provide information on prices and how I do commissions. Prices vary the type o...

Help with sculpture assignment


Hi guys, I need to create a public art piece (so, something with the intention of being placed in the public... ex. a sculpture of chained animal repr...

Pote Usa Loppy inspired pet


First time doing pixel art... Thought I'd log in here to share this thing I made for maple. I'm aware it doesn't really fit the style m...

Youtube Channel Kuisine


hi check out my youtube channel i love you no but seriously, I'm trying to grow my channel, and ac...

commission trial Broa/Khaini only


Just for a trial, I was thinking about doing commission starting with headshots. If it goes well, I might accept commission from there on. Whoever in...

Art Freebies


I am returning to MS once again and I have previously done artwork for other games (comissions, art trades as well). Since I am returning to MS I real...

Commission Starters?


My name is Riley. I'm a digital artist, I'd like to start a new commission system on here instead of the art sites I've been on. I do...

Drawing requests


Hi! I've been quite inactive on these forums for years now, so my screens are quite outdated when it comes to my style. Anyways, I am looking f...

Can someone draw me?


Need background for my PC, and draw this character. Thanks :D...

drawing some peeps


Been away from basil for awhile and idk why the website looks so weird now LOL But anyways i'm pretty bored so i'm willing to draw some of ...

Art Trades Anyone


Anybody wanna do art trades?? <3 These used to be cool! Post in here, doesn't have to be amazeballs!!...

Draw thread Help me become a better artist


First 3 posts get drawn, after that I'll look for interesting characters (if there's too many requests) Edit: Something's come up, I&#...

Looking for some interesting Maple Art idea


Hey gang! Been spending a lot of time away from Basil, but thought it'd be fun to do some Maple fanart. So, any ideas that seem interesting?! ...

let me draw you more because im still lonely

17 So my thread got locked last time.. I guess due to inactivity. Granted I did forget about the thread entirely, and mis...

Best Maplestory Dance Streamer ever


Some work of art maplestory dancing

quotKrayon, a Mixtapequot Sometime in mid-August will I be releasing a short tape consisting of 3 songs on this very channel, the ...

Can you draw him?


Hi, Can someone draw my character? Heres what he looks like