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Tips, Tricks and Links

Various tips, tricks and links to improve your drawing skills and knowledge.


  • Draw in your sketchbook daily. Like with any skill, you'll gradually improve the more you practice.
  • "Trace" over the classics and learn the way they are drawn, how they are colored, how they are shaded, this is not to be misunderstood with tracing over pictures in general, learn the techniques other people have used and eventually you will be able to develop your own.
  • DO NOT start learning to draw from anime or manga, always start and learn from real life, than work your way into using that knowledge to draw anime or manga if you decide to do so.
  • Don't become demotivated if you don't get the desired results immediately. Instead, try to learn from it. All artists start from the bottom and improve over time, and none of us are perfect.


  • While painting with watercolor paint and while your paper/canvas is still wet, add some salt on top of the water if you want to create some nice texture on your surface; the salt will absorb surrounding water, so don't go crazy with it.


  • Deviantart - a great website to look at other people's artwork as well as post your own stuff. Your quality or level of drawing is irrelevant, and there are plenty of users willing to give you critiques on your pieces.
  • Poocg - basically a Chinese version of Deviantart; full of beautiful renditions of character concepts, to backgrounds and illustrations
  • Pixiv - another art site based from Japan, however also pretty English friendly. Most of the content on this site comes from anime style drawn characters, as well as other types of pieces.
  • [url=]Creative Uncut[/url] - website that is a great source for looking at concept art from practically any video game in the world, from official illustrations, to early concepts for characters and backgrounds.
  • Pinterest - a website full of photo resources, and if you follow the right boards, you will get yourself a great source to look at character design art, references to use, illustrations, and more
  • [url=]Senshistock on dA[/url] - A deviantart user that posts tons and tons of photos of references to use, a great source for dynamic poses, or just general figures to look at.
  • [url=]Mark Crilley How to Draw[/url]- a really good youtube source for how to draw videos, which are mostly manga styled drawing videos