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At the age of 23 how much money have you saved?

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spreadanna Level 120 Bera Dawn Warrior 4
By the age of 23 how much have you saved up so far? maybe + your assets like cars if you have them
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scrambledegg Level 213 Bellocan Mihile 4
in debt from student loans... any money I earned is spent covering off anything the loans didn't. What assets? I have an old yugioh card collection...
Aug 31 2015
gyroscope Level 66 Scania Battle Mage 2
all i have is the lint in my pockets
Aug 31 2015
@besel: personal. i wouldn't count any of my dad's money or assets as my own
Aug 31 2015
sheritin Level 178 Reboot Night Walker 4
Very interesting. I'm 20 yrs old right now and I'm 2k in debt from college and my recent PC. Good for you guys who managed to save up all that money at such a young age.
Aug 31 2015
musaab1 Level 210 Kradia Night Walker 4
about to be 20 and i have 250 dollars to my name right now lmao but my college tuition of 270,000 is free so i guess i shouldn't be complaining.
Aug 31 2015
xkillo32 Level 166 Windia Blade Master
i'll let you know when i reach age 23 but by 18 i had saved around $44k which i used to pay for tuition because my parents weren't supporting me anymore since i told them i wasn't going to become a doctor (trying to become a lawyer)[/quote]

seems like something asian parents would do
Aug 31 2015
xylyls Level 202 Windia Shadower See what games, anime & art xylyls is intoktempo
i am 23 and didn't go to school, so i have no debt. i work full time in manufacturing and rent an apartment for $600/mo.

i have something like ~18k in the bank, 11k in a Roth IRA, and 2k+ in my 401k through my employer, but my employer matches some and it isn't fully vested yet. i have 2 cheap cars that aren't worth much, probably under 3k combined realistically, unfortunately.[/quote]

Hey, i've been looking into putting some money into an IRA as well. What website / holder do you use? Any insight would be appreciated!
Aug 31 2015
lettucing Level 147 Bera Dark Knight
Hey, i've been looking into putting some money into an IRA as well. What website / holder do you use? Any insight would be appreciated![/quote]

I used TD Ameritrade. I don't know exactly why I decided to go with that one, but my smart friend helped me choose. They charge $50 every time you make an investment in the Roth/IRA. I just looked at it today (friend told me to not look and get scared and withdraw my money) and I lost money since March.
Sep 01 2015
fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
I'm 18 and I have about $1700 in my checking account and about $300 cash. No job yet cause I gotta figure out work study and whether I can do this tutoring job instead.
I'll have ~$36k in loan debt after college but 10 years to pay it off.
Sep 01 2015
lightxtc Level 125 Windia I/L Arch Mage
About -$30,000. Student debts...
Sep 02 2015
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