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hey i know this is completely unreasonable and people are going to spam the reply thingy with hate >.< but if there are any really nice rich people on windia would you mind giving me some mesos or gear for my phantom? If you are one of the nice people and feel like giving me stuff pm me and i will be eternally grateful. thank you
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no because you will probably get greedy afterward and forget about me
Oct 22 2012
here is a quick video guide on how to make meso real fast when you have nothing
Apply this concept to the game and loot the meso that drops from these things in the video afterward.
Oct 22 2012
GreenPen Level 200 Bellocan Dark Knight
dude you have nx
nx nx nx nx nx
Oct 22 2012
write me a short paragraph why i should donate to you
Oct 22 2012
gluex3 Level 141 Bera Jett 4
It would be better for you if you tried to merch or use/get your OWN money to fund yourself... Unless someone is willing to fund you for free...:3
Oct 22 2012
Cyanight Level 54 Windia Assassin
Oct 22 2012
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