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skythedestroyer Level 233 Bellocan Bow Master Revenance Guild
If you've been playing on your Bowmaster since the v177 Secret Stories patch, you have probably encountered the very, very, verrrrryyyy annoying Arrow Blaster bug.

You know, the one where installing Arrow Blaster doesn't work sometimes? And it still goes on cooldown? Yeah.

We've been through 5 version ups (v178->v182) without a fix.

KMS has this issue right now as well. They're on their 12th version up since then. (as of the writing of this thread)

It's been falling on deaf ears in both KMS and GMS.

All Bowmasters, or anyone else who wants to help us, please send in a ticket detailing the issue. Every ticket counts.

My ticket was met unfortunately with a GM who said that it's working as intended:

Let's try to change that. Please, please, send in tickets describing the bug:
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twopointonefour Level 240 Scania Bow Master
I sent a ticket with video already.. they said they were looking into it.
Jan 26 2017
leopard16 Level 200 Scania Shadower
my ticket:

my response:

GM Luteola (MapleStory)
Jan 29, 1:43 PM PST

Greetings Mapler,

Thank you for contacting Nexon America Customer Support.

I understand that you and the other Bow Masters are having issues with the Arrow Blaster skill. We are aware of the issue and our Game Development Team is working on a solution to the issue. Please understand that the process for determining a solution can take some time. However, I assure you that it will be looked into as quickly as possible, so please be patient. When this is corrected we will inform our players through the website under the "News" tab.​

Regarding you suggestion about changing the behavior of the Arrow Blaster skill or removing the cooldown, something like this can only be implemented if approved by the developers.

The best place to present suggestions would be our community suggestion forums (​​. Our developers frequently check the forums for feedback and suggestions from the community and posting on the forums would guarantee that your ideas are considered for future updates.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.​ If ever you have any issues in the future, you can send us a ticket through our Customer Support Center or by contacting us on our Live Chat Support, You can find our chat support hours here.

GM Luteola
Nexon America, Inc.
Jan 29 2017
twopointonefour Level 240 Scania Bow Master
But what about the real issue? Waring states manifesto only uses bow swing critical rate which doesn't include some critical rate.
Jan 30 2017
trancem5 Level 250 Khaini Bow Master
i submitted a ticket long ago, they said theyre already aware of it blah blah typical copy pasta #pray. good thing they nerfed it so bad that its only about 5-11% of your total dps.
Jan 30 2017
twopointonefour Level 240 Scania Bow Master
@athmyst: Just wait for the lag to hit servers. It'll go back to being unreliable again.
Feb 02 2017
skythedestroyer Level 233 Bellocan Bow Master Revenance Guild
@twopointonefour: I don't think lag has anything to do with the bug. I've had it not install even though servers were not lagging. And this happens in KMS as well, which as far as I know don't have bad servers like GMS does.

It seems to be better now, though I haven't done too much since the patch, so I can't be certain. Still definitely there though, it just failed to install a minute ago.
Feb 03 2017
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