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Australian version of games, any difference?

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Hi there,

I bought a PS4 about a month ago, and I need some games.

There are a few games I want to buy, COD ghosts being one of them
I've had a look on the internet and found a pretty cheap online store,
The store is sort of shady, and they sell cheap copies imported from other countries.
The problem is that the version of COD ghosts is the Australian version.
It's a lot cheaper than buying it here in the Netherlands though, €15 vs €30 :O
So what I want to know is this:

-What exactly would be the difference between the Australian and the "normal" version?
(and if there is a difference, does it matter much? I only want it to play split-screen with a friend of mine, won't be playing it often)
-Would I be able to play the Australian version here in Europe?

And finally, what games would you recommend?
I'm still looking for a good RPG, I loved things like fable, but alas, that's Xbox exclusive :I

So far I have:

COD adv. warfare
Plan to buy:

The last of us
Shadow of Mordor
COD Ghosts

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