Sad Mask
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Autumn Screen

By Ezperanza11

Ezperanza11 Level 207 Windia Marksman Teased Guild
Sep 05 2013 Another request for someone from deviantart

I thought I did we'll with this. AND I FINISHED IT IN LIKE A DAY WOO.

I like the scene I chose for this one too. Its... SUPPOSED to be showa... if you didnt guess that. The shading might be poopy cause I tried a new brush because I wanted the shading to have a "softer" look, but not like too soft. ;u; but I don't think it looks bad! Her hair was difficult to add shine to as well Dx cause its like multi colored. But regardless I hope you enjoy!

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alexmjakway2 Level 210 Windia Evan 10th Growth
Yet another awesome and cute picture Well done!
Sep 05 2013
AzusaSky Level 163 Scania Demon Avenger 4
Sep 05 2013
Hatchet Level 200 Kradia Bow Master
+4 I thought the title said autism

good drawing though
Sep 05 2013
Doorslam Level 120 Scania Hunter
plz halp how do i subscribing
Sep 06 2013
cRogue Level 212 Windia Night Lord
Nice front page Tali ^^ really nice drawing
Sep 08 2013

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