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Axl rose Screen

By toad

toad Level 200 Bera Battle Mage 4
May 02 2012 Axl Rose from Guns n' Roses during 80's. As a base i used the normal standing character. I did it on Photoshop using a Bamboo Fun Tablet. I hope someone like it. I'ts the first drawing that i submit here.

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Viking Level 151 Windia Shadower
I really like your drawing style! It still looks like Maplestory when you draw it C:

You should do portraits of Maple chars c:
May 02 2012
fonzie909 Level 200 Windia Marksman
Axel and his ego breaking up G&R >.< But nice pic, made him look like a genuine maple character.
May 02 2012
That's a nice one
May 03 2012
Axl Rose made a new G&R
check it out. Noone can replace Slash though... Noone
Sep 26 2012

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