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BEST in SLOT RINGS and secondaries - REBOOT

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dorigo Level 203 Scania Bishop
I know there are plenty of guides in reddit right now. But with the new rings available, I was wondering what are the best rings to equip now in 2019 (PRE PATHFINDER)

Is the chaos ring worth it?
What about the cosmos ring / vengeful ring?
The synergy ring and the Sylph ring are two options to consider too

What are your thoughts?
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audio Level 21 Yellonde Blade Recruit See what games, anime & art audio is intoaudio
best in slot rings are superior/reinforced/solid gollux, kanna's treasure, and meister ring

synergy, chaos, and vengeful are all decent options for drop/meso gear, and they're probably your best rings in the earlygame before you have 15+ starforce on your BiS rings. i'm /pretty/ sure cosmos + sylph rings can't get potential so they're practically worthless. but if you have the coins to spare you might as well grab the other rings - master SS ring is another very good event ring that you should keep an eye out for in the future

either way, they're not 100% necessary. you can always just use silver blossom ring + farm blackgate rings to fill your ring slots in the meantime

(edit: nvm i just looked it up, apparently cosmos ring can in fact get potential. iirc its stats are still basically the same as vengeful ring though, so chaos ring + synergy ring are still better, as long as you have the synergy ring on multiple characters. but in general, rings with starforce like silver blossom/blackgate/all the BiS rings will always be better)
Jun 02 2019

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