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BLM is such a joke

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upcomingnerd Level 102 Scania Beast Tamer Shared
Too bad black lives don't matter to other black people. This unity over police brutality, laughable. If they have no fear of killing each other and they are truly suffering that much. If you don't fear death...well take up arms against your oppressor. What is there to lose at this point?
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cantstopme Level 197 Windia Night Lord
i agree and im white
Aug 06 2017
greatbolshy Level 210 Bera Blade Master
i agree and im gender fluid
Aug 07 2017
salad Level 1 Windia Beginner See what games, anime & art salad is intoSalad
I agree and I'm a feminist.
Aug 07 2017
@bleute: Depends on where you live in America, but in the case of BLM, those issues do not extend to just major cities. (See: Ferguson riots - Ferguson is not a major city; or in the case of specifically BLM activities, previous protests in small middle-of-nowhere places like McKinney, Texas.) If you're living somewhere else besides America, then that also affects the extent of BLM presence as well.

Also, a large majority of people tend to live in urban areas than rural - this tends to be true anywhere you look around the world. So yes, most people here on this forum live in urban areas.
Aug 11 2017
bleute Level 250 Windia Dark Knight See what games, anime & art bleute is intoRaiuRaiu
@readers: I just find city-dwellers to be bizarre creatures. I'm in Washington DC for the weekend for Otakon and the people here are just flat-out mental, plus the concept of being "down-to-earth" seems to be utterly foreign to them. That combined with all the traffic, construction, and loud noises would probably make me commit suicide if I had to live here (or any other city like this) for more than a week.
Aug 12 2017
@bleute: Well, if you had to live in a city for a while you tend to get used to it. It's just a different way of life is all.

The culture of a city depends on where you go. Some city like New York will have people who are busy and have places to get to - and so these people are not so willing to slow down for others, or even be that considerate of them. It would be an issue for many outsiders, but for these people they probably don't even think about what they're doing since it's the way of life there. Same goes for movements like BLM - it may be foreign to others, but in many cities it becomes part of the culture and part of the way of life there for some.
Aug 12 2017
bleute Level 250 Windia Dark Knight See what games, anime & art bleute is intoRaiuRaiu
@readers: I mostly just see bland-looking people wearing suits and ties carfying iphones and any time I'd try to ask one of them for help or directions for something they just completely ignore me. Not one word out of their mouth. It's like they think I'm inferior to them. The ones I asked didn't appear to be busy or in a rush or anything either. Normally I wouldn't bother anyone, but my parking garage that I reserved had given me wrong/misleading instructions and I was in a ****y situation.
Aug 12 2017
@bleute: Yeah, that's just how it is - not that I feel there's some reasonable justification for acting that way all the time. I do think part of it is that some people are on edge or don't feel like they trust others, for many multiple reasons (like how media and the news will feed into that - especially if there's something significant that happened that affects nearby places or the entire country as a whole). I'm just speculating at this point though, and I don't exactly have the knowledge to go further on such a complicated topic.
Aug 12 2017
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